Episode 17- Ellie Holcomb And God's Creation Song

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Episode Guest: Singer, Songwriter, Dove Award Winning Recording Artist, and Author of children’s book Who Sang The First Song.

Episode Topics: Ellie’s inspiration behind her latest project-children’s book and album, how her 5 year old daughter prompted a journey of discovering more about God’s heart for song, the beauty of God’s creation and love for us, and why the answer to “Who sang the first song?” isn’t Dolly Parton.

Where To Find Ellie:

Instagram: @ellieholcomb

Website/Tour Info

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Episode 15- Jen Schmidt and Biblical Hospitality

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Episode Guest: Jen Schmidt- Blogger at Balancing Beauty And Bedlam & Author of Just Open The Door: How One Invitation Can Change A Generation.

Episode Topics: The difference of hosting and hospitality, how to keep your gatherings simple, real life advice for moms who want to be hospitable but their life feels too busy, and why Jesus was the hospitality guru.

Where To Find Jen:

Instagram: @jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam

Facebook: @beautyandbedlam


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Episode 9-Dorena Williamson and Teaching Your Kids About Diversity

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Episode Guest: Dorena Williamson- Pastor’s Wife and author of the children’s books ColorFull and ThoughtFull

Episode Topics: Planting a church in a hard area with her husband, what she’s learned about diversity and unity through her congregation, how we can teach our children to celebrate and not ignore differences, what inspired her to write her books, and how tiny seeds now can make a big difference later.

Where To Find Dorena:

Instagram: @dorenawilliamson


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Episode 7- Kim Walker Smith and Battling Postpartum Depression

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Episode Guest: Singer, Songwriter, and Worship Leader for Jesus Culture—Kim Walker Smith.

Episode Topics: Celebrating 20 years touring and worshiping with Jesus Culture, the release of the new Jesus Culture album Living With A Fire, Kim’s struggle with postpartum depression, the initial signs, how she got help, spiritual encouragement for moms struggling in this same area.

Where To Find Kim:

Instagram: @kimwalkersmith

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Episode 4- Nicki Koziarz and Conquering Comparison

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Episode Guest: Nicki Koziarz, speaker and writer for Proverbs 31 Ministries and author of Why Her? 6 Truths We Need to Hear When Measuring Up Leaves Us Falling Behind.

Episode Topics: Nicki shares her testimony of becoming a mom at 19 years old, her journey with Proverbs 31 Ministries, triggers and traps of constant comparison, how another woman’s gain is not our loss, and lessons from the biblical story of Rachel and Leah.

Where to find Nicki:

Instagram- @NickiKoziarz


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Episode 2- Jessica Honegger and Overcoming Fear

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Episode Guest: Jessica Honegger, Founder and CEO of Noonday Collection and author of Imperfect Courage.

Episode Topics: Starting her own company after going broke, finding a creative way to fund her adoption, winning Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, overcoming fear and insecurity to chase your calling, and why collaboration with others is so important, and why there’s no perfect formula for being a mom.

Where To Find Jessica:

Instagram- @jessicahonegger @noondaycollection,

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Upcoming Podcast Guests!

Hey friends,

This summer has been a busy one--with lots of interviews, website construction, writing, and more! But I couldn't be more thrilled about the upcoming 5 Minute Mom Podcast launch. Here's a sneak preview of some of the guests waiting in the wings:

Jessica Honnegar, Nicki Koziarz, Jen SchmidtKim Walker Smith, Ellie Holcomb, Hayley Morgan, Jessica Turner, Cherie Lowe, Emily Stroud, April Graney, and Dorena Williamson.

I've been swimming in wisdom these summer months, just from short chats with these powerhouse women. We tackled so many issues----everything from hospitality to diversity, from anxiety to renewing our minds, from money to balancing work, from postpartum depression to mini-donkeys. Yep--we covered a lot of ground! I promise you that these interviews won't leave you unchanged and are worth every second of listening.

THIS IS JUST THE START so sign up for updates to stay in the loop and find out how to listen when the show launches. There's many more great guests to come and I can't wait to tell you about them.

Love, Audra

P.S. And, just so you know that I actually came out of my podcasting cave and spent some time with my family--here's one of my favorite pics of sweet Lydia from the beach this summer!