Episode 53- Whitney Capps And Believing For More


Episode Guest: Whitney Capps, Proverbs 31 Speaker and Teacher, Author of SIck Of Me

Episode Topics: Whitney challenges us to move past the traps of false "transparency" and exhausting self-help, to embrace the true transformation and power of Jesus in EVERY circumstance. We'll chat about the problem with hustle over holiness, what it means to look a little more like Jesus every day, and how we can spur one another on as moms and friends to not settle for anything less.

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Episode 51- Becky Thompson and Hearing God In The Midst Of Motherhood


Episode Guest: Becky Thompson is a blogger, best selling author, podcaster and busy mom of 3. She is a powerful woman of God and has some beautiful truth to drive home for us today.

Episode Topics: How God wants to still speak intimately to us today, inviting God in the everyday, mundane moments, and how to recognize our spiritual check engine lights

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Episode 49- Meredith Andrews on Faith, Wonder, and Real Motherhood

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Episode Guest: Singer, Songwriter, and Worship leader Meredith Andrews

Episode Topics: I had so much fun chatting with Meredith about her new album “Faith And Wonder” recorded live at her home church The Belonging Co. in Nashville, TN. In addition to writing and leading worship, Meredith is also the busy mom to 3 kids so I’d loved hearing her wisdom on modeling a life of repentance for your children, what God has taught her about discipline, embracing the tension of motherhood, and what her trips to the grocery store look like with 3 kids.

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Episode 47- London Gatch and Embracing New Sesasons

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Episode Guest: London Gatch has been a worship leader for over a decade and served 8 of those years as a worship leader for Elevation Church. She is also the mom to 2 girls.

Episode Topics: Her incredible testimony of being a Jewish believer, what God taught her during her time at Elevation Church, Her story of God asking her to lay that leadership role down and move back to her hometown of Charleston, what it means to trust and obey when God calls you to a new season and how that journey has influenced her first solo album “New Stories”.

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Episode 45- Christi Straub and Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

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Episode Guest: Christi Straub, co-author of What Am I Feeling?

Episode Topics:

Do you have an emotionally safe home? Have you intentionally taught your children how to recognize and manage their own feelings? How well do you model emotional intelligence for your children?

Today, our guest Christie Straub will discuss the new children’s book she wrote with her husband Dr. Josh Straub called, “What am I feeling?”. We'll talk about how we can teach our children about their emotions, how to recognize and manage them. Christi will also share some easy and practical ways you can implement emotional intelligence at home.

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Episode 42- Scarlet Hiltibidal and How She Stopped Being "Afraid Of All The Things"


Episode Guest: Scarlet Hiltibidal, author of Afraid Of All The Things

Episode Topics: Scarlet is going to share with us about her incredibly interesting life—from being raised in the green room of SNL to adopting a special needs child from China.

She’s also going to share how she has struggled with fear and anxiety for most of her life. Scarlet walks with us through her journey of holding the gospel up to her fears and learning see life in light of the cross.

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Episode 27- Cherie Lowe and Financial Foreplay

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Episode Guest: Cherie Lowe—blogger at Queen of Free and author of Slaying the Debt Dragon & Your Money, Your Marriage

Episode Topic: How intimacy and unity in your finances can improve intimacy in the bedroom, how Cherie and her husband paid off $127,000 in debt, lessons they learned along the way, and the financial “vows” that keep them on the same page

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Queen of Free


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Episode 25- Becky Kiser and Seeking Sacred Holidays

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Episode Guest: Becky Kiser, Author of Sacred Holidays: Less Chaos. More Jesus.

Episode Topics: How to keep Christ at the center of our celebration, teaching kids about giving over getting, easy ideas for how to incorporate Advent into your run up to Christmas, and how the New Year is sweeter when we are intentional with the season.

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Episode 21- Lisa Harper and The Faithfulness of Daddy God


Episode Guest: Lisa Harper- Lifeway Speaker, Bible Teacher, and Co-Author of children's book Who’s Your Daddy

Episode Topics: The amazing story of adopting her daughter Missy, how God has encouraged her as a single mom, how single parents can rely on the faithfulness of God, and writing her new book with her daughter.

Where To Find Lisa:

Instagram: @lisadharper


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Episode 19- Hayley Morgan and Renewing Your Mind

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Episode Guest: Hayley Morgan—Speaker, Co-author of Wild & Free, Always Enough, Never Too Much & Author of Preach To Yourself

Episode Topics: The negative thought loops that we form over time, how to close the gap between what you say you believe and what you actually believe, how to carve out new brain paths, and how to use scripture to renew our minds.

Where To Find Hayley:

Instagram: @Hayley.e.Morgan


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